Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jordan's Christmas Cards and Other Pictures

Here's some more pictures Jordan sent yesterday.  He's doing very well and we are excited to talk to him on Sunday.  I hope everyone enjoys this.

Christmas Card 1.

Christmas Chard 2.

Jordan and Elder Taukiahauo.

Jordan and his newest companion Elder Drake.

I think this is a jellyfish.

Jordan taking advantage of his calling.

I wonder what they are asking Santa for?

Jordan and his district.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Pictures I forgot to put up.

Here are some pictures that I haven't put up yet but need to.  I'll try describe the who's in the pictures but I will likely do that later.

One of his baptisms at the tail end of his last area in Houston 

Jordan's district in Houston 

Jordan with his Harry Potter glasses in the car with other missionaries.  Notice Elder Sheridan, his MTC companion who is driving. 

 Jordan is getting pictures of people just before leaving Houston.

 Same as above

 Not sure who the other missionary is.  I'll have to look it up.

 A native armadillo.

 With Elder Lee in Port Lavaca

 Again with Elder Lee in Port Lavaca

 Mission temple trip with Elder Lee

 Port Lavaca

With Elder Lee in Port Lavaca.

Jordan has less than eight months left so I'll try to get as many more pictures as I can.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Port Lavaca

I know it's been a long time but sometime is better than never, I hope.

I've added a countdown clock that will likely change when we know for sure when his return date is.

Here are some pictures:

Jordan with his district.  Next to Jordan is his companion, Elder Lee.

If you hadn't guessed by now, that is the Gulf of Mexico in the background.

I'm pretty sure Jordan is trying to freak us out here.

We are so proud of our missionary.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Pics

Some of these are old so forgive me for taking so long to scan them.  You can tell which ones were scanned and which were from Jordan's camera.  He seems to have finally figured out how to upload them to his email.

Elder Bullock, Benny, his family, and Jordan.  Had a hard time getting Elder Bullock in the pic.

Jordan and Elder Bullock - Aren't they cool!

The Goat - A random picture of a random goat that was kind of close to their apartment.

Jordan and Elder Perez at the Houston Temple.  They get to go a couple times a year.

The Houston 9 District at the Houston Temple.

Jordan and his trainer Elder Bales.  He is currently AP.

Jordan is doing fantastic.  You can tell by his smile.  He loves his mission and he loves serving the Lord. Please continue to keep him in your prayers so he can be safe and find those who are searching for truth.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Recent Pictures

Here are some pictures we received from Jordan on Monday.  I still have a couple more to put up so be patient with me.

This is Jordan's most recent baptism.  His name is Marvin and he was mostly ready to go when Jordan was transfered into his new area.  Jordan is with his companion Elder Perez and the missionary that was in the area before Jordan got there.  He's the one that baptized Marvin.

This is a family, German and Liz, That Jordan taught off and on the whole time he was in Manvel.  They never were baptized, but they loved the missionaries.

Sorry this is so out of focus but this is a family that helped Jordan and his companions find people to teach.  They were baptized while Jordan was still in the MTC.  Jordan was very close to the Espitia's also.  He truly loves those he serves.  We're very proud of him.  Jordan is a wonderful example to his family.  You can tell how happy he is.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mission Office Address Change

The mission office is moving and so I thought I would make the change here so everyone could get it all at once.

Elder Jordan Hughes    
Texas Houston South Mission
602 Eldridge Road
Sugar Land, TX 77478

I will be posting some more pictures soon so keep checking back.

Friday, January 28, 2011

New Pictures

Jordan is still in Manvel but is likely to get transfered in a couple of weeks so I will post his new area and companion when I know something.  As for news, Jordan has been seeing double vision in his bad eye and had minor surgery done on it to remove calcium.  He didn't say anything in the last letter about it so hopefully it's getting better.  I know his mission president and he companion gave him a blessing and it sounds like that helped him out a lot.  OK so here are the pictures we've been asking for for the last four months.

Jordan and Elder Bayles his trainer.

In his room.  This is in a members home.

Jordan and Elder Bayles doing the Lord's work.
Jordan and Elder Bayles on a mission from God

Jordan, Santa and Elder Andreason

Jordan and 6'11'' Elder Bullock

Another comparison picture.

Their room.

Jordan and Elder Bayles a the Houston temple.

Jordan's district.  Those from Hillcrest will recognize Elder Jones

The Houston Temple
There is a funny story for me that goes along with the Houston Temple.  I was working for the Church as a contractor and remember seeing a painting of a temple someone was holding in the elevator.  I asked the man holding the painting what temple it was, he said he couldn't tell me that it would be announced at conference that weekend.  The picture I was so interested is was of the Houston Temple, which they did announce that conference.  To me it seems a little ironic.  To everyone else, it's just the typically psychopathic behavior I'm always manifesting.