Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Recent Pictures

Here are some pictures we received from Jordan on Monday.  I still have a couple more to put up so be patient with me.

This is Jordan's most recent baptism.  His name is Marvin and he was mostly ready to go when Jordan was transfered into his new area.  Jordan is with his companion Elder Perez and the missionary that was in the area before Jordan got there.  He's the one that baptized Marvin.

This is a family, German and Liz, That Jordan taught off and on the whole time he was in Manvel.  They never were baptized, but they loved the missionaries.

Sorry this is so out of focus but this is a family that helped Jordan and his companions find people to teach.  They were baptized while Jordan was still in the MTC.  Jordan was very close to the Espitia's also.  He truly loves those he serves.  We're very proud of him.  Jordan is a wonderful example to his family.  You can tell how happy he is.

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