Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Pics

Some of these are old so forgive me for taking so long to scan them.  You can tell which ones were scanned and which were from Jordan's camera.  He seems to have finally figured out how to upload them to his email.

Elder Bullock, Benny, his family, and Jordan.  Had a hard time getting Elder Bullock in the pic.

Jordan and Elder Bullock - Aren't they cool!

The Goat - A random picture of a random goat that was kind of close to their apartment.

Jordan and Elder Perez at the Houston Temple.  They get to go a couple times a year.

The Houston 9 District at the Houston Temple.

Jordan and his trainer Elder Bales.  He is currently AP.

Jordan is doing fantastic.  You can tell by his smile.  He loves his mission and he loves serving the Lord. Please continue to keep him in your prayers so he can be safe and find those who are searching for truth.

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