Saturday, August 7, 2010

Jordan's first letter from the MTC

Well things are going great here. The first couple of days were really hard and stressful but each day gets better. I can’t wait to get to Houston. My companions name is elder Sheridan and he is a really nice guy. I am getting to know him pretty well and we get along great. My district has twelve missionaries and 7 of them are going to the same mission as me. The others are going to the Fresno California Spanish speaking mission. Most people in my district are from Utah but there is one elder from Tennessee and one from Nebraska and one from Boise. They are all nice. Everyone in my district is great buddies. I have learned a little Spanish and say all my prayers in Spanish now. it is definitely different here. it is weird having someone follow you everywhere you go. i have never studied or worked so hard in my life

I have learned so much in my short time here. The days seem like they will never end. i know that things will get better and i will learn a whole lot more. I still can’t imagine that this is the next two years of my life but i am excited to get out there and start teaching about the gospel. i know that this is going to be a good experience.   

Tell mom I love her and I am doing great and working hard. Tell her she doesn’t have to worry about me and I will be just fine. The spirit here is strong and everyone has a strong testimony and a purpose for being here. I am grateful for all the things that you guys have done for me and I can’t wait to hear from you again. Have people send me letters. I haven’t got any letters yet and i want to hear from people.

I love you and mom and i will email you every Friday in the MTC because that is our p day. Talk to you later

Elder Hughes

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