Friday, August 6, 2010

Jordan at the MTC

The drop off went as well as could be expected.  Jordan seemed a little overwhelmed but I could be wrong.  Both Lisa and I had a very tough time driving away and leaving our son there but felt great comfort from the Lord knowing he was doing the right thing and is under His care

Here are a few pictures

Lisa has been struggling with leg pain for a while now but she was not going to miss this for anything - but she was in a lot of pain, as you may be able to tell from the picture.


  1. I love seeing your family! I can hardly recognize them all grown up. I look forward to following Elder Hughes on his mission. Nathan returned 6 months ago from the Houston East Mission! He loves Texas now!! Hope Lisa is feeling better!!

  2. Thanks Nancy. Were working on getting Lisa feeling better. It's so nice to hear from our Utah friends. We miss everyone so much we may move back soon. When depends on the job market after I finish with school. Tell your family hi for us.